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From the After Hours of the Heart


           host Shepherd’s debut album, From the After Hours of the Heart, features nine haunting ballads that explore the ephemeral nature of time, eternal love, estrangement, cosmic angst, mortal reckoning, loss, and dimensions of grief.

The album’s atmosphere is a carefully balanced soundscape filled with delicate vocals, shimmering guitars, strings, electronics, and a theremin that acts as a spiritual and oneiric through-line. Each song is a voyage back to a memory and a longing for kinship.

From the After Hours of the Heart is available on all digital streaming platforms, and in a limited-edition Canadian pressing of 100 units of 180-gram 12” vinyl LP sold exclusively through Bandcamp on ASA Records (ASA02). 

Album Track List

  1. Time Just Comes and Goes

  2. Stranger

  3. Home    

  4. Leaving        

  5. Truck Stop    

  6. Gonna Die                    

  7. Behind Clouds

  8. Rabbit

  9. Farewell to the Light

All Words and Music by Ghost Shepherd

Recorded and Produced by Alisen & Alfredo Santa Ana
Mixed and Mastered by Alfredo Santa Ana
Cover Photography by Alisen Santa Ana

© 2021 Ghost Shepherd – ASA Records ASA02

Ghost is time
Ghost is memory
Ghost carries the head of the heart



         host Shepherd is a music project created by Alisen and Alfredo Santa Ana that grew out of their late-night music making sessions at their home studio. These lively and love-filled sessions developed into an intuitive practice of conjuring a creative spirit together, as one voice, in the process of being and becoming. Writing and recording music without a plan, they capture moments that arise randomly, borrowing from the remnant feelings of a day and drawing inspiration from their respective fields of writing and composition.
Alisen creates and vocalizes lyrics on the spot, collaborating and crafting melodic lines together with Alfredo as he improvises on guitar or keyboard. At times, their impromptu sessions lead to fully actualized songs that are spontaneously written and recorded in a single take; while at other times, recorded musical material is later revisited and developed compositionally and lyrically into a complete song. 


Their debut album, From the After Hours of the Heart, is a curated selection of nine tracks from their 60+ collection of original songs. 


Ghost Shepherd is currently creating new material for future albums.

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